M A R G U E R I T E    H O R N E R

'John Lennon is not dead ' exhibition 2020


'Ol' Brown Eyes'2020 oil on linen 30x30cm

'Ol' Brown eyes' was a painting I did for an exhibition called 'John Lennon is not dead' at the Stash Gallery ,Vout-O-Reenees, London curated by Harry Pie.


I wasthinking about what we leave behind when we are gone, and how part of our DNA fuses with part of someone else's DNA at conception to become a separate human being with its own unique DNA - a Zygote - so although Lennon had two boys with different mothers, his brown eyes were passed on to them both and they also looked very like him at a certain age.

The title 'Ol' Brown eyes' refers toanother singer Frank Sinatra, who was sometimes known as

'Ol' Blue Eyes'.